Twins say Joe Mauer done as catcher, citing safety from head trauma

Twins say Joe Mauer done as catcher, citing safety from head trauma

Twins say Joe Mauer done as catcher, citing safety from head trauma

The Joe Mauer behind-the-plate era is officially over.Twins general manager Terry Ryan has confirmed that Mauer’s days as a catcher are done.MORE: Best and worst MLB spring training caps |Cubs GM inspired by Royals’ succe sIf we would ever get any OK from a physician, we would consider it, Ryan said (via Greg Maddux Jersey during a weekend fan forum. Unfortunately, there isn’t a physician, especially concu sion experts, that could trust he’s not going to take another bop in the head on a foul tip or a collision at the plate, although the collisions are pretty much a foregone conclusion nowadays.Mauer, a former No. 1 overall pick and Minnesota native, has three years remaining on his contract worth $69 million, meaning it’s likely he’ll finish his career with the Twins. He’ll turn 33 in April.In 12 seasons with the Twins, he has caught 920 games but none since 2013, when he sustained a concu sion in August that ended his season and left him with symptoms into the offseason.He played 100 games at first and DH’d in another 19 in 2014 and then played first in 137 games and DH’d in 20 last season.If he took the wrong type of foul tip off that mask and all of a sudden he got knocked silly, I couldn’t forgive myself, Ryan said. So he’s going to be a first baseman. I think if Joe could have stayed behind the plate, he would have been a Hall of Famecandidate. He was excellent back there. Unfortunately, it John Smoltz Jersey just wasn’t meant to be.Since coming to the big leaguesin 2004, Mauer has been a six-time All-Star and league MVP (2009).

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